Digital Marketing Exchange 2015

September 27 - 29, 2015

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, California


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Exchange Day Two:

Monday, September 23, 2013

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8:15 AM Interaction Between Customer Experiences and Brand Experiences

Dr. TR Rao , President & CEO, Market Probe

Dr. Tom Fusso , EVP, Market Probe

Jorge Alejandro , Vice President, Market Probe

Market Probe will present ideas to deliver new insights out of traditional tracking programs of customer satisfaction and brand research.  The presentation includes quantile regression application for driver analysis and text analytics.
Dr. TR Rao
President & CEO
Market Probe
Dr. Tom Fusso
Market Probe
Jorge Alejandro
Vice President
Market Probe

9:00 AM The Sweet Spot – Digital as Key Component of Integrated Marketing Programs in a Prestige Environment

Lauri Kien Kotcher , Chief Marketing Officer, Godiva Chocolatier

How Godiva has innovated, the consumer funnel (bowtie) that we use, and then 4-5 examples of critical marketing programs, their strategic objectives and how digital tactics were integrated in and used to amplify success.
Lauri Kien Kotcher
Chief Marketing Officer
Godiva Chocolatier

MasterClass A
9:35 AM The Rise of Native Advertising: Facts, Figures & the Future

Ted Murphy , Chairman & Chief Executive Office, IZEA, Inc.

In 2005, IZEA's founder and CEO, Ted Murphy, had a vision: one day, every consumer would have the opportunity to create social content online - unleashing the opportunity for brands to hire them as de-facto "spokespeople."

Flash-forward to present and this once-disruptive idea became a part of today's mainstream marketing mix. Whether it's bloggers, tweeters, pinners, or YouTubers, leveraging a passionate network of influencers is a must for every brand.

During his Master Class, Ted will provide specific research findings based on data from over 10,000 brand marketers and influencers. We’ll also take a close look at emerging digital WOM platforms such as twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube from the valuation lens of the marketer as well as the influencer.

Attendees will come away from the session with a free copy of the 2013 State of Sponsored Influence study along with critical data that they can immediately apply to their strategic plans for CY14. 

We will also examine:

  • Defining Native Advertising & Marketing
  • How Sponsored Influencer Marketing differs from Sponsored Content
  • How Sponsored Influencer Marketing is being leveraged by brands
    • Case Studies
  • Results from the 2013 State of Sponsored Influence study
    • What are the current challenges in the integrated marketing landscape
    • Where do marketers see the space evolving
    • How do brands measure success?
  • Influencers: partners that share and care about the brands they work for
    • Important factors that impact influencers when considering working for a brand
    • The important of FTC Guidelines around disclosure
  • Key takeaways for your business
  • Q&A from the audience
Ted Murphy
Chairman & Chief Executive Office
IZEA, Inc.

Sponsored by: IZEA


9:35 AM - 10:05 AM Business Meeting

10:05 AM - 10:35 AM Business Meeting

10:40 AM Fireside Chat: The Evolution of SEO and Digital Marketing

Aaron Aders , Co-Founder, Digital Relevance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing have changed more in the last two years than the prior decade. This discussion will examine the latest and highest-impact changes that have occurred in digital marketing and SEO that has shaped the current environment. The participants will also discuss where SEO and digital marketing is going in the future, and how to get there. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to weigh in, ask questions and participate in the conversation.

Aaron Aders, co-founder of DigitalRelevance™, will lead the discussion and share experiences and lessons learned over the past 15 years in digital marketing and SEO.

Aaron Aders
Digital Relevance

Sponsored by: DigitalRelevance


Masterclass B

11:15 AM Social's Real Impact – Changing the Way People Make Purchasing Decisions

Natalie Staines , Director of Marketing, R2 Integrated

Goddard will be leading a workshop that will uncover the social marketing elephant in the room that is how peer-to-peer conversations have changed the way that buying decisions are made. Understanding these shifts in buying behavior and the implications to customer acquisition and loyalty is the real challenge facing marketing departments as they navigate and execute social programs. This session will highlight new methodologies currently being used by brands as they attempt to map and visualize the vast social interactions affecting their marketing efforts.

We will examine the following:

  • Introduction
  • Brief Overview of Information Consumption
    • Why Do Internet users go online before making a purchase
    • Path to making a purchase
  • Understanding Information Consumption
  • Introduction to ‘Dark Social’
  • Evolution to the conversation layer
  • Questions Pertaining to the Audience
    • How does this affect my budget?
    • How does this affect my org chart?
    • How does this affect relationships with vendors?
    • What is technology’s role?
  • How r2i manages the decision making process
Natalie Staines
Director of Marketing
R2 Integrated

MasterClass C

Big data is as much about large quantities of data as it is about actionable intelligence.   Marketers must effectively mine and analyze these massive amounts of data – most often in silos by marketing discipline. Very few, however, are leveraging their Big Data across all these areas for cross-channel insight into customer intelligence to ultimately increase revenue across all channels. 
Big Data in Search allows marketers to see the most complete picture of their customer by aggregating and organizing data from different sources including SEO, PPC, Social, CRM, Web Analytics and more.  
Big Data in Search allows marketers to:
  • Understand the full picture of their customer
  • Make better decisions about their search programs by optimizing across greater data sources
  • Focus on content opportunities and content gaps
  • Leverage cross-channel insights – i.e.: SEO informing PPC strategy, PPC informing Display tactics
  • Develop more targeted channel promotions including landing pages, web pages or creative assets

Sponsored by: Acronym


BrainWeave B
12:05 PM Incorporating Digital Marketing into Physical Stores

Jane Johnson , SVP, Sales and Marketing, Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.

Marketing budgets are being shifted to focus on newer channels like e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. Certainly, it’s important to invest in those channels. The 2012 Digital Shopper Relevancy survey by Capgemini indicates that 71 percent of shoppers rate the Internet as important or extremely important in choosing a product, and 56 percent rate email that way.  But the same survey found that shoppers rate in-store technology almost as important — whether it’s to learn about a product, help choose the right product, complete the transaction or have contact after the sale.  But, in fact, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Today, creating the in-store environment customers desire means incorporating the digital channels they now use regularly, including mobile and social media. The challenge is to incorporate those channels seamlessly, so customers can meet their needs conveniently at every step of the purchase path.

This Brainweave will focus on designing an effective in-store omnichannel experience — one that drives customer engagement and sales by leveraging the human connection along with in-store digital marketing technologies such as:
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • Social Media

Jane Johnson
SVP, Sales and Marketing
Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc.

12:05 PM - 12:35 PM Business Meeting

12:35 PM - 1:05 PM Business Meeting

Sponsored by: Maritz Loyalty Marketing

Maritz Loyalty Marketing

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to leverage your brand equity across the ever-changing digital landscape. You'll find out how to cascade your messaging with precision and how to turn your stats and analytics into actionable customer-facing strategies. This session will show you how to:

  • Develop content that is relevant and sharable
  • Utilize Responsive Design to create a positive user experience and brand ambassadors
  • Adapt you advertising creative into online content your customers will want to share
  • Maximize your mobile reach, engagement and conversion
  • Discover where you rank against your competitors in search rankings
  • Compete for online rankings
  • Amplify your team productivity with strategic tools that can:
  • Manage your brand messaging
  • Target your message to individual consumers
  • Increase your reach, engagement and conversion
  • Build accountability among your marketing team

Whether influencing your C-Suite, communicating with your IT team, instructing your creative partners or directing a new product launch, this don't-miss session will give you all the information and tools you need to lead your teams and take your online properties to the next generation of inbound marketing success.

2:10 PM - 2:40 PM Business Meeting

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM Business Meeting

Concurrent Session A

3:10 PM Integrated Marketing – How Offline and Online Can Work Together to Drive Results

Margot Vaughan , SVP & Global Head, MasterCard Global Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide

Juan Silvera , SVP eMarketing, Union Bank

During this session Margot Vaughan from Master Card and Juan Silvera from Union Bank will be discussing how their organizations are combining online and offline channels to drive business results. The discussion will center on how the combination of offline channels (like DM), combined with online tactics (like Email) deliver better performance than the stand alone channels. In addition, a discussion on approaches for driving ‘clicks to bricks’ will provide insights into how an online brand campaign can be optimized to generate foot traffic to retail networks.  
Margot Vaughan
SVP & Global Head, MasterCard Global Marketing
MasterCard Worldwide
Juan Silvera
SVP eMarketing
Union Bank

Concurrent Session B

Building a Consumer Focused Experience

Jason Allen , Senior Director, Multi-Channel Marketing & Head of, GameStop, Inc

Developing a consumer centric vision that provides consumers a choice on where, when, and how they interact with a business.  Understanding the consumer perspective and intent to align and prioritize organizational focus around providing a seamless multi-channel experience and driving strategic growth.  Identify, prioritize, and deliver key strategic initiatives to enhance revenue and build loyalty through targeted consumer interactions.  Leveraging organizational strengths to deliver value and differentiation…give the customer what they want, and make money while doing so.
Jason Allen
Senior Director, Multi-Channel Marketing & Head of
GameStop, Inc

3:50 PM Reputation Management in a Digital World: How the Automotive Dealer Industry is Joining the Digital Conversation

John Gottschalk , Vice President of Business Development & Strategy, FordDirect

In today’s market, a consumer’s shopping experience begins long before they actually step foot in the store or dealership. As with any business, a dealer’s online reputation can determine where a customer ultimately chooses to do business. Trends in consumers’ reliance on social and digital channels to inform their auto shopping experience has led to an opportunity to leverage this cost-effective marketing platform to drive sales and service opportunities. To stay competitive, businesses need to evolve their digital strategy to connect and engage with customers where and how they choose to shop.

In this session you will hear from dealer automotive marketing executive, John Gottschalk on how the automotive industry is joining the digital conversation, as well as best practices for any business looking to dive deeper into new digital channels. We will examine issues such as:

  • Understanding online, social and mobile trends and how to grow these channels to engage and interact with customers where they are
  • Engaging with customers through social media sites and also understanding what content consumers are looking for to encourage conversations and engagement
  • Developing a strong web presence through a customized website, allowing customers to learn more about the dealership and the vehicles
  • Monitoring and participating in relevant conversations and reviews
John Gottschalk
Vice President of Business Development & Strategy

IT and Marketing: How Can the Two Disciplines Work Together to Maximize Results? (Open to both Digital Marketing and Big Data Exchange Attendees)

Amanda Clardy , Head of Global eBusiness, Life Technologies

Steve Tedjamulia , Director, Digital Strategy, Dell

As the marketing landscape continues to shift and evolve, enterprises are increasingly relying on marketing to help drive tangible business results. In response, savvy marketers are looking to their IT teams to help them understand, gain insights and leverage the vast volume of customer data that is available across the organization. Through closer alignment and partnership, IT and Marketing have significant opportunities to reap efficiencies in data analysis, target market segmentation and digital marketing campaign management.

In this session you will hear practical tips and solutions on how IT and Marketing leaders can work together to:

  • Foster a productive, results driven relationship that improves business outcomes
  • Proactively identify and support common business objectives
  • Actively develop business strategy and subsequent implementation protocol
  • Maximize the benefits of current and emerging technologies
  • Collaborate to streamline business operations
Amanda Clardy
Head of Global eBusiness
Life Technologies
Steve Tedjamulia
Director, Digital Strategy

Sponsored by: OpenText


With the overabundance of data and information, marketers have the complex task to analyze how various channels interact to determine where the greatest ROI exists.  Much as been said about different approaches to reach ROI, from first touch wins to last touch wins to uniform distribution models to advanced algorithmic approaches, deciphering their effectiveness can be confusing.  But which is the best way to measure ROI impact?  What’s the most effective approach, and how can I measure the actual incremental value of the attribution?  Join this fantastic line-up of panelists as they share insight into today’s measurement challenges and the best way to measure marketing effectiveness to drive the biggest ROI.

This session will help answer

• What are the different approaches to attribution and what are the benefits and pitfalls of the different approaches?
• What are some of the myths about attribution?  How do I demystify those myths, so my organization understands the benefits of attribution? 
• What type of attribution results can I expect and how can I make the results actionable?
• How do I prove the value of attribution?

Concurrent Session A

5:25 PM Kids and Technology: The Adoption Curve

Pam Kaufman , Chief Marketing Officer, Nickelodeon

As the adoption curve for digital keeps getting younger and younger, today’s kids engage with more multi-platform content than any other demographic group, and their brand loyalties are already forming by the time they reach preschool.  Nickelodeon’s CMO, Pam Kaufman, will highlight the brand’s latest exclusive research about kids and tech adoption, and offer insights into how best to reach this audience as today’s post-millennial kids grow into tomorrow’s adult consumers.
Pam Kaufman
Chief Marketing Officer

Concurrent Session B

We have seen a fundamental shift in the marketing and business intelligence domains as a result of the ‘Big Data’ revolution.  With the proliferation of connected devices and massive amounts of data collected on consumers and prospects, mining and effectively using this data has put tremendous pressure on marketers and businesses.

How can the firm gain maximum insights from ‘Big Data’ that will help them better serve their customers and add to the bottom-line?  In this session, Ned talks about one of the many ways to tackle this question:  cross-channel attribution.  Understanding cross-channel attribution is critical {and the biggest challenge} to gaining a comprehensive view of all touchpoints delivering value to consumers.  It is also fundamental to customer valuation, optimal resource allocation and delivering relevant messages that are consistent across the various channels and touchpoints.

Ned Kumar
Interactive Marketing Strategist
FedEx Services

BrainWeave D
5:55 PM Loyalty Marketing: Bring the Offline, Online

Sean Claessen , Vice-President, Creative & Strategy, Maritz Loyalty Marketing

Technology has helped us to gain a wealth of insight into the behaviors of our digital consumer.  But what happens when that consumer moves offline?  Loyalty marketing programs can enable brands to extend their engagement with consumers into the physical world – creating an integrated 360° relationship between consumer and brand. 

This session will explore the value exchange provided by innovative loyalty programs that allows brands to interact seamlessly with their consumer in e-commerce, social, physical store environments, experiential events, etc.  Using real world examples as illustration, Maritz Loyalty Marketing will have every digital marketer dreaming about the potential of analog!

Sean Claessen
Vice-President, Creative & Strategy
Maritz Loyalty Marketing

5:55 PM - 6:25 PM Business Meeting

6:25 PM - 6:55 PM Business Meeting

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Establishing Core Competency for Digital Marketing- Enterprise Wide.
Does your organization have too much content? Does it take too long to find the digital content you need? Are you sure it’s the most recent and approved content?

Your core infrastructure for managing digital media, creative operations and web content management provides unparalleled opportunities to reach customers with targeted and personalized communications in a myriad of media channels. In this round table discussion learn how connecting these pieces can increase productivity, lower costs and drive greater customer engagement. This is the core competency for digital marketing empowering your creative and marketing teams to make every touch point resonate with your brand and message.

Guy Hellier | Digital Media Solutions Expert | OpenText

Building the Business Analytics Workforce and Up-Skilling Current Marketing Employees

Creating the Ultimate Mobile Shopping Experience

B2B Challenges with Social Media

Improving Digital Marketing Agility With Tag Management

Market Probe will recognize the national advocacy winners

Sponsored by: Market Probe

Market Probe


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