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Digital Marketing Exchange

September 20 - 22, 2015


Welcome to Digital Marketing Exchange

Digital marketing has proven itself to be a powerful force that is transforming the marketing landscape. Over the past decade, digital marketing has evolved from the peripheral to staple for forward-thinking organizations that seek to gain a measurable advantage in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace. Digital marketing has enabled these progressive companies to engage consumers on-demand, on their own time via the digital channel of their choice.

It is a fact – the digital age is here and recent trends show that digital marketing can lead to positive ROI, when used correctly. Businesses that fail to adapt to the current marketing climate are at risk of missing out on key opportunities that can boost their bottom-line. As the landscape continues to transform and evolve, savvy marketers are looking outside their companies – and often, their comfort zone – to glean insights and learn about leading solutions to help them address their most pressing marketing priorities.

The Digital Marketing Exchange provides an interactive forum for CMOs and other senior marketing professionals who are responsible for maximizing the results and use of digital technology, to learn about the latest trends and advancements in social media and viral marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, online video and internet broadcasting, Social CRM, mobile payments and much more. In essence, the Exchange is ideal for marketers who are seeking practical insights and real-world solutions to help them achieve their marketing goals and objectives. The Exchange content and format presents a unique opportunity for learning, sharing and professional development. This is achieved through an interactive format that allows delegates to fully engage with speakers, each other and expert solution providers who understand the issues and challenges that are facing marketing professionals in this ever-changing environment.

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